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Delusions of Grandeur

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Mar. 20th, 2005 @ 04:17 pm
So, now that Jedi is sortofkindof nearly completed, what should we do next? I know that many of us have been working on shorts on our own, but it'd be nice to do something as a group again.

What would you like to see? These are movies that we've talked about doing:

- Film Noir
- Horror movie with a Western setting
- Experimental
- Romantic Comedy
- Fantasy
- Comedy (ala Junk Squad 2?)

Anyone have ideas?

Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 12:07 am
Working away... let's see what's new....

Not much new to report on Jedi... slow goings...

Kurt found a new DP for the show, and is looking into buying his own home editing solution to put the show together. Haven't heard about the contracts...

Spent a whole lot of time on-set with Chris and his movie. Another guy is producing a documentary on it, so that'll tell most of the story. The first day was kind of disaterous - at the 6PM start time, people were still driving all over looking for props. I don't think we actually got a shot off until 10PM. And we didn't finish up until the sun was coming up, sometime around 6AM... The next day went much more smoothly - we got all the shots for the day, picked up the shots from the previous day, added a few more, and still finished before our scheduled 2AM wrap time. I did end up doing mostly minor assistant things -running the fog machine, helping the lights up onto their 50-foot stands, helping move the wall-spreader around, rotating with Jonason so he didn't have to be outside the whole time, and so on. It was decided that I was the only one steady enough to push the dolly, so I guess I'm the 'dolly grip' for the movie too. At least I can pass some tips on to KShawn in his many-years-old quest to construct a dolly. The one we had cost $50 a day to rent, and judging by the results, was worth the cost...

Anyway, this weekend we're doing slightly shorter daytime shoots. Using the crane again, trying out a carmount too... More on that later...

By the way, anyone else notice this? It's one of the more popular sites out there, so perhaps... Actually, the review isn't that bad compared to most of them (which usually end in unsuccessful lawsuits...), and mostly directs its ire at one scene in particular. Guess which one.

In other news, The Ring Two is out today. I might be in it. Guess I'll have to go see. Early reviews indicate the movie is pretty bad...

Um, as for school, directing actors is going well. We worked with 'real actors' for the first time, shooting two pages of dialogue. And so on.

Work in the morning. Installed the wireless network, but for some reason this computer is not playing along well with all the others on the net. So no site updates yet...

Um, reminder to self, post the Kurt's house story sometime soon...

... where was I.... Mar. 8th, 2005 @ 06:37 pm
So, yeah. Lots happening. Saved up enough money for wireless internet gear, will hopefully get that set up Thursday. As for the projects:

Jedi part 6

Effects list is completed. The movie contains 1619 shots total. 724 are effects shots. Yikes. 100 or so are easy transitions, but the others... not so easy. I've started on the effects, getting better at the lightsabers... Finished three scenes worth of effects, about a dozen shots. Beginning to recruit folks to help out. Looks like Jonason might do a handful of shots for me, and Chris will let me borrow his g4 powerbook for a week so I can work all night for a while. Miles to go.

Projects for Chris

His movie starts filming on Saturday. We did auditions, got it cast, and are in the process of getting props and equipment together. We shot a test roll of 16 with different filters, going for that high-contrast look. Footage didn't look too good for the most part. Unfortunately. They shot some hi-con stock earlier this week, hopefully that will turn out better. We're also shooting night for day... getting those lights up to the windows of the 2nd story apartment we're filming in all weekend will be interesting. Jonason's also signed on as a production assistant, sounds like he'll be doing a lot of the light-guarding. I'll probably just be running the smoke maching and moving lights and dolly track around. More on that after it happens... By the way, if anyone knows a good office location in Portland that will let people shoot there, this project and others could use it.

Projects for Kurt

So, after shooting the pilot a couple weeks back, Kurt got the edited show back... and decided we needed to reshoot the entire thing. The energy level was way off. Also complicating things, our DP/editor/main equipment providing guy decided to leave the show for other, better-paying projects. So, Kurt and I divided up the duties, and the day before the pitch meeting (last Sunday), I got the equipment, re-shot the show, and he re-edited. It was definitely better, but we still weren't sure if it'd go over well. So, he went in to the pitch meeting, showed them the demo... and they loved it. The show got picked up, and it's planned to start real production next month. I think we start broadcasting during the summer. The show will air everywhere from southern Washington to Eugene. And we're allowed to start selling commercial blocks & sponsorships. Kurt's very relieved and excited. I'm reserving excitement until he gets a contract signed and paychecks start flying around. More on that later on.

Also, I fell off Kurt's house and broke it. Another (better) story for later on.

School stuff

I'm supposed to have started editing my 'found footage' project by now. Found footage is no fun. Flatbed editing is ok, it's a useful skill to have. Also learned some auditioning tips and script analysis stuff from the directing actors class. Taking sound design and experimental film next semester. Woo.

And... the usual. Still working. Got a big $0.21 an hour raise last week. Still no nametag. Heh

... Feb. 16th, 2005 @ 10:32 pm
Still no net. But work continues.

Finished color correction on Jedi 6, left one scene for Shawn to do. Have started going through the entire movie and cataloging all the effects shots that need to be done. I'm around halfway through, and of the 780-some shots I've looked at, around 400 need effects. Fun. The snow fight scene contains 118 shots, 85 of which are effects. No problem.

I've been continuing to help Chris out on his stuff. Auditioned some actors, shot a roll of 16 to test out the film stock / processing style. We'll run it through the optical printer when it gets back in for more fun. Filming is currently slated for next month. Some computer failures have kept Noise from offical completion, but any day now. The trailer's online. When I remember the link I'll post it.

Going over to help Kurt tomorrow too. When I had to postpone working on the opening segment, he let another group of people give it a try and the results need a lot of fixing. Not sure what that means, but I guess I'll find out soon.

Got tickets for Old Boy and Kung Fu Hustle this weekend. Very exciting. Will also at least try to see that Harold Lloyd movie too.

Also working on 16mm film editing class. We were given a bunch of old movies and are supposed to create a 3-minute found footage short. Such boring footage, no idea what to make. Perhaps I'll post a shot list here.

Plus work. As usual.

More later.

More news... Feb. 8th, 2005 @ 02:41 pm
So. First sick. Then moving. Then no internet. Now dialup. DSL soon.

Things have progressed as normal. 3 scenes away from completing color correction. Hopefully start shooting with Kurt over the weekend. Another production meeting with Chris tonight. Got standby tickets for the PIFF after all. Working working working. More later.
Other entries
» PIFF 2005
So, this'd be something I'd normally post about in the forum, and I should get it written down somewhere... The schedule for the 2005 Portland Int'l Film Fest is out, and there are some must-sees:

Sat 2/12

1PM WH - The Z Channel

An American doc about an indie TV channel that was in operation in the 80's - the channel was one of the first venues for for indie, foreign, and rare films. Also about the founder and the circumstances surrounding the station's demise...

3:45 WH - Millions

Danny Boyle's new movie (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later). Kids find a bunch of money and decide what to do with it. Hilarity and coolness ensue....
[also 8:30 on 2/16 at B1]

Fri 2/18

6:30 B1 - Old Boy

Sweet. South Korean movie. A man is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, for reasons that are never revealed to him. He gets out, and things get all kinds of crazy as he sets out for revenge. Find the trailer online if you haven't already.
[also 8:45 on 2/22 at WH]

9:30 GU - Kontroll

A Hungarian thriller - a crew of subway workers investigate a rash of suicides. Or the work of a serial killer throwing people in front of subways. Or craziness.
[also 9:15 on 2/19 at GU]

Sat 2/19

1:00 WH - Grandma's Boy

From 1922. A film print direct from the estate of Harold Lloyd, even. Silent comedy goodness.

9:15 WH - ... ... KUNG FU HUSTLE

Um... KUNG FU HUSTLE. STEPHEN CHOW. So cool. Definitely going to this.
[also 12PM 2/20 at WH]

Thurs 2/24

5:45 WH - Porco Rosso

A Miyazake movie from 92. About a pig who wants to be a WWI flying ace. Makes sense.
[also 7:45 2/26 at B2]

Fri 2/25

9:00 B1 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Miyazake's first film, from 1984. Cool...
[also 12PM 2/26 at B1]

Much much more to be seen, of course. Check over at www.nwfilm.org. Unfortunately this year, film center students don't get standby priveleges. Drat. But hopefully I'll be hitting most of these... At least Kung Fu Hustle.
» The latest...
Ok, so progress on many fronts. Not sure how that happened, seeing as how I worked the last two days too. But anyway, as the title says:


Got all of the previously color-corrected scenes rendered. 10 gigs left on the drive... Yikes. Only took a half-hour to an hour on a G5, I was looking at about 4 times that on the film center computers.

Hopefully on Friday I'll resume the color correction...

Discussed ideas for a series of posters with folks. Then put the cart back behind the horse and went back to editing. Heh. Actually, I do have some thoughts on the posters if anyone is interested in helping / drawing...

Work for Kurt

Got the theme song from him (available on request). Got a basic idea of what he wants, and am trying to plan accordingly. With moving this weekend, the shoot will hopefully get postponed to next weekend.

Also, we need to find someone who can do a quick alteration on a Lucador mask. It's designed for a normal-sized head, not a 300lb wrestler-esque dude. Ironically enough.

But still, storyboards in the next day or two. I hope.

Work for Chris

Finished the trailer text and taught Chris the basics of making a web-ready clip. So, it should be online in the next day or two.

I ended up making the production meeting after all. Looks like I'll get to work with an Arri-SR1, which I could use some experience with. And then possible producer duties... the plan is to film in March, so we'll see how it goes... Got a copy of the script. I should read it...

Super-8 Adventures

Finally transferred 6 rolls of Super-8, belonging to Warren, KShawn, and Waldow to miniDV. We tried using the film center's new mirrored transfer box, but it didn't really look that much better than projecting it on the wall and taping it. So, we used that option. The projector ate a bit of the first reel I tried... and one reel captured with a really oversaturated red look to it. Odd. Still have to find somewhere that'll process super-8 with sound....

And, I think that's everything from the last two days. Nothing new on the work front. Going to see Kelley Baker's new movie on Friday, maybe I can make some headway there....

More on local film news in a minute....
» ... an update
So. We have a journal. Guess I should post something....

Actually, I figured since the forum remains down, we may as well move those types of discussions here for the moment.

And it's also a good spot to put all the small updates that aren't worth a webpage news mention. I generally do manage to work on something every day. So I should probably be posting every day. Here are the developments and projects that occurred last week:


Been color-correcting. A lot. At least trying to get a consistent look within each scene. If anything's drastically wrong after that, I can always throw the entire thing into AE and alter from there.

So far, I finished something around 45 of the 50 or so scenes (I started at the beginning of the month, but have been working more intensely as of late with not as many hours at work and no school). Naturally I saved all the big battle scenes for the end again. Those will take a bit longer than the others, but I should still be able to finish all that by mid-week. One more week until the film center goes back to normal hours, too. That will help a lot.

The outdoor scenes have benefited the most from the correction. Turns out the sky actually was blue in a lot of shots, but the camera was a bit too open (and our lighting of the subject a bit too nonexistent) to record it properly. The indoor stuff was mostly all deep blacks and oversaturation to begin with, so the only major concern was making the 1-chip stuff approximate the look of the 3-chip.

After that's all done, I'll actually have to render all of it. Yikes. Unsure if there's drive space for it all. But anyway. Started cataloging effects shots too. Will think more about that after this step.

Oh yeah. Did some ADR a couple weeks back when Jeff Bennett was here. Just gotta get Case to record some of his lines now...

Projects for Kurt:

Spent a couple days last week at OMSI shooting a recruitment video for volunteers. Fun. Um. Should be done at the end of next month. Kurt's editing, I think.

Also working with him on his new TV show. I'll post more on that in a sec. The short of it is that he wants me to direct and edit the opening title sequence for the show...

Projects for Chris:

Created some new titles for the trailer for Noise. Supposedly better than the ones in the actual movie. Uses TV static as a base, lots of glitching. A few more pieces of text, then it's ready to go to the web, I just have to show him how to compress for the web more effectively.

Will miss the second production meeting for his new film, it seems - working on Tuesday again. But still, should be a fun project - working on a 16mm finish-to-film movie. Especially if we were to ever embark on our own...

Work stuff:

Have to call AI again and pester them for that interview. Have to continue working on getting a DVD reel created. And so on. Working on an intro in AE and creating a menu in p-shop to import to DVD studio pro...

Um. That's all off the top of my head. The plan for this week is to at least near completion on the color correction, complete work on the Noise trailer, find time for the DVD if an interview does happen, and get all prepared to shoot the show open, perhaps by this weekend.

More tomorrow. If something happens.
» (No Subject)
For those of you who haven't noticed, the Bravado website is back up and running, minus the forum. The forum will return sometime in the future.

Thanks to Warren and Alan for getting the site back up!
» (No Subject)
Welcome to bravadoent a community centered around the independent film group Bravado Entertainment . While it is a closed membership, non-members are invited to watch the community for public updates.

If you have been a part of a Bravado related production and would like an invitation to the community, please comment and let us know.
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