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Previous Entry ZZZzzz... Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 02:01 am Next Entry
Remember when I said I was busy? That was nothing, apparently. Heh.

Where did I last leave off? Oh yes, the Bent job. Went back the second day, worked all day, finished everything they asked and then some. They were happy and loopy tired. I got a check a couple weeks later in the mail. Probably end of story, I figured.

Last week, the new project manager called me in, on the recommendation of the team I worked with on the first spot. More maxi pad fun. Lower pay, but the promise that I'll be retained for the next three commercials. And if those go well... they may make it worth my while to quit the store. Whee! So far so good on that front. I learned a ton about some new chroma-key plugs, how to key things that were not originally intended to be removed, and various other warping tricks. Good and bad - now I know a bunch of new time-consuming stuff with which I can go back to Jedi with and re-attempt some things...

Work perks are nice as well. Lots of free food. On my first day back... FREE WINE!!! Woo! Gotta celebrate day 1 of post-production apparently.

Jenn drew her own version of my first day back

So, good stuff. Lots more happening on that front, but I'll spare folks the smaller details. The first commercial might be broadcasting already. Let me know if you see it. I still haven't gotten a copy. Apparently I'm an animator. Not sure how that happened. All that time working on pointless Star Wars effects paid off, I guess.

On the down side, with two jobs now, I'm working a lot of 12-14 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week. But the rent is paid and I had a bit left over for important things like Home Movies Season 2 and the new PSB cd if I can find it...

Oh, and the other two jobs. Working on that site for Waldow still (slowly. poorly.). And now, Kurt needs an editor for Super Atomic TV. $. Haven't seen the show yet. But of course I'll help him out. The show is on TV now. Watch it.

Oh, still helping Chris on stuff too... gotta finish filming Days like this. And colortime his super8 stuff for the DVD. And cinelook Noise. And continue to edit the behind the Noise documentary. And help out a bit more on the website.

Oh, and the Jedi movie. Um. Got another scene or two of sabers. Still miles to go. School is closed on the weekends now, so work time is even rarer.

Oh, the next term of school starts a week from today. Hm.

Oh, and there are new movies in the works. Jonason is writing the first one, and Chris the second (Which may be my final project for the certificate program). Hopefully back to making movies in late summer.

Oh... dear.

Then again, it sure beats being broke, unemployed, equipmentless, and having nothing to do, like a couple years back.
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Date:June 7th, 2005 02:17 am (UTC)
Wow! All the projects you're working on sound like a lot of fun. And you get free wine!?

I'll keep an eye out for that Always commercial.
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