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Previous Entry Finally... the Kurt's house story Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 11:12 pm Next Entry
The site's been updated, by the way. Check it out if you haven't....

So, way back when, I shot the pilot for Super Atomic TV for Kurt, using the FC's PD170. Since I shot in progessive scan / DVCAM, he needed to hold on to the camera for a while so he could capture the footage to his computer. The cam wasn't due back until the next day around 5, so we arranged for me to come back and get it then.

So, the next day I came back a bit before 5, and no one was home. Uh oh. I called Kurt, and it turned out that Charise got off work early, and he went to get her. They decided to go out for dinner with some of the other folks from the show, and forgot that I was coming by to get the camera. They didn't have a spare key anywhere, and Kurt didn't want to come back, so his idea was: "Well, how about I tell you how to break into my house." Okay. (Due to what happens next, this method of breaking in no longer works, so don't try it... heh)

It turned out that if you went up the stairs on the side, onto the side porch, then out onto a ledge on the back of the house, you can reach up to a window whose latch was loose enough that a credit card could open it. So, I went to the back of the house and looked. Babe and Cleo came to supervise. The 'ledge' was actually a piece of edging that stuck out about an inch from the rest of the house. The window was also in plain view of all the neighbors, who were all mowing their lawns or eating in their backyards and so on. I decided to try to break in anyway.

So, I tried the Spiderman routine. Now, what Kurt forgot to think about is that he knew exactly where the lock was on the inside of the window, and didn't need to lean out on the ledge very far to reach it. Someone who had never seen the lock from the inside (it's their litterbox / garbage can room) needed to lean out onto the ledge much further in order to see what they were doing. Obviously you don't need to do the math to guess what happened next. I leaned a little too far. The ledge gave way. And down I went.

Obviously, I wan't hurt too badly and the fall isn't that far. And the ledge could be reattached easily enough. The problem came from the faucet / hose attachment being directly underneath the ledge. Snap. Whoosh. Suddenly I was taking a shower. The entire faucet had been snapped off the end of the pipe, and an uncontrollable stream of water was now shooting across his backyard. Babe and Cleo, protective animal instincts intact, freaked out, ran back to the front porch, and immediately pretended to be asleep. After searching momentarily for the outdoor water shutoff valve (we still don't know if there is one), I gave in, called Kurt, and let him know what happened. He naturally decided it was best if he came home after all.

By the time he and the Lucador got there, the garden had been nicely watered. More worrisome was the water that was now coming out from underneath the door to the basement on the side of the house. We headed down to the basement as the animals yawned and stretched after their long nap, found the shutoff valve for that faucet and got it turned off.

Luckily, the only part that flooded was the laundry room corner of the basement - the water was going directly down the washer drain or out the door, and the only stuff that got wet was some dirty laundry. Finally, ordeal over, Kurt handed me the camera, and I headed to the Film Center, making it there just in time for my 6PM class. I turned in the camera and sat down in class. No one even seemed to notice that I was soaking wet and muddy. After a few minutes of class, the person from the equipment room came in and said "Um... sorry... but the power supply for the camera isn't in the bag." ... Ha.

In the end, it turned out the faucet came clean off from the pipe, and both it and the trim were easily reattached to the house. And apparently no neigbors even noticed the incident. I got the power supply from Kurt before anyone else needed the camera. And the pilot was extremely well-recieved by the Comcast folks. So it all ended well enough. Just don't ever ask me to break into someone's house...

As for projects...

Super Atomic TV is gearing up to start shooting episodes. Comcast moved the premiere date from June 18 to May 14. Yikes. So, Kurt, Adam the Lucador, Carrie and some other folks turned his basement into a permanent set for the show. We start shooting on Wednesday.

Also, we shot two commercials which should be broadcasting soon on many different channels. And a special 'guest star' has been contacted and agreed to come on, but that's months away and still up in the air. Contracts have been drawn up (being paroused by lawyers, apparently), but nothing's been signed and no one's been paid. So. Still not excited yet. Heh.

Filming Days Like This for Chris has been fun. Or tedious. Or both. We spent a weekend on the 10th floor of the bankcorp building with 75ft of dolly track, a couple of blank-firing berettas, and a whole bunch of squibs. Complex stuff. I missed out on the crane & dolly stuff the next weekend, though. Been nice working on stuff with Jonason again (he's a PA), and it looks like he might write something for me to shoot...

School stuff is going well. Directing Actors is over. We spent two weeks with everyone getting to shoot a couple of one-shot scenes with 'real actors'. For some reason, I was the only one who decided to have the camera move during the shots... And supposedly the actors responded / performed well to my direction. So that was neat. And despite missing a few weeks of flatbed film editing class and getting way behind on the assignments, I managed to catch up to everyone in the last couple weeks. I still don't like the footage we were given, but I found a way to work with it in a hopefully-entertaining way. Cutting film is fun to a point. Infinitely more difficult (IE, you chage something in your picture track, it throws all the rest of your shots off-sync), but still, a good skill to have.

Jedi... has been going slowly. Effects are being worked on here and there. Will hopefully spend all day Sunday on this and the film... more then.
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Date:April 23rd, 2005 03:07 pm (UTC)
I checked out the updates on Bravadoent---so much new news! Sounds like you're having a good time working on all these projects. Doug and I no longer have cable, but we may have to get it so we can watch Super Atomic TV.

You and Erin seem so faraway. Helllllooooooo!
Date:April 25th, 2005 07:14 am (UTC)
Helllllloooooo back! Been too long, hasn't it? Hopefully after I finish these projects for Chris and KShawn we can schedule a weekend game night.

I'll see what I can do about getting you episodes. Hopefully we'll actually make some soon. Heh.
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